Oriental Shorthair Cats

How to Acquire a Kitten

If you see one of  our beautiful babies on our web site and are interested in making him or her "the center" of your household, please email me.

I check email several times a day; my poor phone is usually sitting out in the car or dead on the counter. Emails receive a much quicker response.

We will need to  arrange a time to talk or for you to visit as you will want to know all about the kitten and I will want to know all about you and your household members.

We will reserve your specific kitten until he/she is old enough to leave our home for a $200.00 deposit (see deposit page to print, sign and return to us with the $200.00).

We make every attempt to send photos of your chosen kitten to you at least every 7-10 days, babies grow quickly and we want to capture those stages for you.

Kittens can have visitors, by reservation, as soon as they have been protected by vaccinations.

Kittens will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving for their new homes; this veterinary expense is paid for by us and is considered part of the purchase price.

All kittens are FIV and FeeLV free and come with a written genetic and general health guarantee/contact, pedigree, health/vaccination record, CFA/ACFA registration application, as well as several pages of feeding and care instructions plus a list of favorite toys.