Oriental Shorthair Cats

GCH Bel Canto Aoife of Sharbo

Sorry, we currently a very long deposit/waiting list, no kittens or retired cats for sale.

Check back next summer for possible late Fall kittens.

Please do take time when looking for a healthy, properly socialized kitten. Google prospective cattery owners by complete name and the cattery names as well as checking nearby counties and towns for evidence of care and treatment violations before you buy a kitten.

An appealing website doesn’t necessarily mean a cattery is reputable

Cats Of Many Colors

All cats and kittens are lovely in their own way, we prefer to only keep and love our sleek and elegant Oriental Shorthairs. 

Bob & Sharon Gilb

Lake Villa, IL (N Chicago Suburb) &

Mid-Michigan (Deer & Pine)

Cantact Sharbo Cattery

E Mail: Sharon